A Record of Success Defending Professional Licenses

Nurse accused of negligence for a medication error. The BRN seeks revocation.

Result: Kravitz defends her at a hearing and all allegations against the nurse are dismissed.

CSLB seeks to revoke a license because the contractor did not reveal a serious felony conviction on his application. He calls Kravitz.

Result: Kravitz prepares a complete rehabilitation defense and presents it to the CSLB. Contractor's license is saved.

BRN accuses nurse of negligence in a patient death case. Nurse's first attorney recommends she accept probation. She hires Kravitz

Result: Kravitz presents a defense with evidence of mitigation and rehabilitation; BRN agrees to issue a Letter of Reprimand — no probation, no license restrictions.

CSLB investigator informs contractor that an accusation will be filed to revoke his CSLB license. In fear of losing his business, he calls Kravitz.

Result: Kravitz contacts CSLB investigator and presents some additional evidence. CSLB decides to issue a citation instead of a revocation action.

Medical Board seeks to impose more probation on an M.D. who has already been disciplined in another jurisdiction. The doctor seeks Kravitz's remedy.

Result: Kravitz presents a full defense at a hearing showing complete rehabilitation. Judge agrees no need for any more discipline.

Real estate agent's license is threatened with revocation for alleged errors in transactions. Board won't negotiate. Kravitz is hired for the defense.

Result: Kravitz pokes holes in the BRE case at a hearing and the judge rules that the evidence isn't there. Case dismissed.

These are just some examples of the results the Kravitz Law Office has obtained for its clients. Every case is different and there can be no guarantee of the outcome of legal proceedings. But one thing is assured: Don't Panic — Call Kravitz.