Seasoned Professional License Defense Lawyer in California

It starts with a letter that you cannot ignore. It can end with the loss of your license and your livelihood. If you have received notice from your administrative licensing board that your licensure is under investigation or being denied for an alleged wrongdoing, including criminal convictions for DUIs, the immediate counsel of a licensure defense attorney with a demonstrable track record can be of enormous help to you. On the other hand, if you choose to defend yourself, there is a good chance that you will lose everything that you have worked for all of your life, even if you have done nothing wrong. Don't panic — call Kravitz.

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Skilled California Professional Misconduct Defense

Sacramento professional license defense attorney Jeffrey S. Kravitz is one of the few California lawyers whose central focus is on defending medical and other professionals and business owners against their respective licensure and administrative boards. His clients include contractors, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, as well as architects, real estate and insurance agents, contractors and bar owners.

To see the administrative license defense process, please review our license defense chart, which details the defense process step-by-step.

Our Sacramento administrative law firm has been successful in defending professional licenses relating to professional misconduct issues and preventing license revocation for:

Experience Dealing With Licensure Boards at Every Stage of Investigation

As a licensed professional, or as a person applying for licensure, you are subject to a whole set of rules relating to accepted standards of professional practice as defined according to state law. In California, misdemeanor criminal offense for DUIs can affect your ability to practice. Mr. Kravitz is experienced at dealing with boards at every stage of an investigation against you. He is not going to question your judgment. He will not moralize with you. What he will do is provide a relentless, skilled and knowledgeable defense, no matter how serious the charges are against you. His office has assisted numerous persons in obtaining and maintaining their professional license.

"I get the job done. I know what I'm doing." — Jeffrey S. Kravitz

Develop a Strategy to Protect Your Rights

Are you a nightclub owner threatened by the police for excessive noise? Have you been convicted of a DUI, and are now in danger of disciplinary action by the Board of Registered Nursing? Are you a doctor whose challenges cross over into civil law, criminal law as well as administrative law? Sacramento attorney Jeffrey S. Kravitz can help you understand your rights, develop a strategy based on the facts of the case and application of appropriate law, and then relentlessly, skillfully and knowledgeably fight for your interests.

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