Medical License Defense Lawyer in California

Surviving the challenges of medical school and medical residency is an accomplishment that few can achieve. Surviving an investigation of an administrative medical licensure board is a challenge that even fewer survive without adequate representation by an experienced administrative license defense lawyer.

Note to self: Lawyers do not practice medicine; doctors should not practice law. Fight to keep your license: Call 888-568-5869 or e-mail medical license defense attorney Jeffrey S. Kravitz for no-surprise representation.

California Doctor's License Defense

Sacramento lawyer Jeffrey S. Kravitz has extensive experience representing doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and others whose medical licensure is in jeopardy. He understands the issues at stake, not just issues of livelihood, but also intangible issues of social status and one's own sense of pride and self-respect.

Voluntary cooperation without a lawyer in the medical board's investigation against you is not going to help you, but will probably harm your case.

Medical boards, nursing boards and other professional licensing boards are mandated to follow strict laws with regard to monitoring licensed individuals to protect the public from harm. This is the very reason for their existence. Extenuating circumstances or lengthy explanations often won't work.

Experienced in Criminal, Civil and Administrative Defense

Factors that trigger investigations include criminal convictions or professional misconduct. An investigation will take place prior to disciplinary action. As soon as you receive a letter, or if you are dealing with a civil or criminal matter related to your professional conduct, it is useful to contact a lawyer experienced in all three areas of law — civil, criminal and administrative.

A former constitutional law professor who has developed a robust niche practice in administrative law, Jeffrey S. Kravitz is sought after by attorneys from across the nation who seek guidance and counsel with regard to challenging legal matters. His appellate law work has influenced the very way that the law is interpreted.

This firm has successfully defended clients facing licensure challenges due to:

  • Stealing drugs
  • DUI or other criminal convictions
  • Physician misconduct or inappropriate conduct outside the standards of practice
  • Inappropriate relationships with patients
  • Inappropriate billing practices

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