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California Administrative Hearing Lawyer

Are you under investigation or facing a suspension, revocation or termination of your professional, business or contractor's license by an administrative law board? If so, Jeffrey S. Kravitz has one piece of advice: Don't wait until the last minute to respond to the administrative law board and don't try to defend yourself. We know what is at stake and so do you.

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When you cannot afford to lose but do not know how to win. Sacramento License Revocation Hearing Attorney.

What if you could put your trust in a lawyer experienced in protecting the rights of people like you and who has a proven track record of success in defending clients whose livelihoods are being challenged by their various licensing board?

Knowledgeable of Administrative Law Hearings

Sacramento lawyer Jeffrey S. Kravitz is well versed in the hearing procedures of virtually all of the administrative licensing boards in the state of California. His considerable understanding of administrative law, medical license defense, business license defense and their unique rules and regulations has allowed him to find the loopholes in the law and turn administrative licensing revocation defense cases in his clients' favors. He can quickly grasp the issues that you are facing and help you gain an understanding of your options and what to expect at every stage of your administrative law matter.

We Fight for You All the Way to the State Supreme Court

The power of administrative boards is such that they even have the ability to overturn the decision of a judge who has ruled in your favor. Even if you have lost at an administrative hearing, there are ways to appeal that decision, all of the way up to the state Supreme Court.

Mr. Kravitz's background as a criminal defense lawyer aids him in thoroughly investigating licensure defense issues and in developing a strategy that has a strong chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. His successful experience as an appellate lawyer, writing appeals that have resulted in precedent setting and published decisions that have influenced the way that various aspects of the law are interpreted and applied, aids him in preparing cases that get results.

Call to Make Things Right Again

Whether you are facing loss of your auto mechanic's license after a smog sting, your DUI criminal conviction has triggered the board to discipline you, or you are being investigated for any other reason, our Sacramento license revocation hearing attorney is prepared to begin immediate investigation into your legal and administrative situation. Call 888-568-5869 or e-mail us.