Highly Experienced Business License Revocation Defense in California

When your business and your livelihood are being challenged, it is essential to retain legal counsel that is experienced and has a proven track record in successfully handling administrative disciplinary licensure matters for licensed business owners and other professionals.

Attorney Jeffrey S. Kravitz is based in Sacramento, where he represents clients throughout the state of California who are under investigation or in danger of losing their license before administrative licensing boards for alleged business license violations. Whether a criminal matter, a government agency sting or a complaint has triggered your need for experienced legal guidance, this law firm is here to help you overcome challenges to your licensure in the most effective, resolute manner that we can. He offers comprehensive administrative law representation, including license revocation hearings and hearings before administrative judges and local regulatory boards, as well as criminal and civil law representation. Reach out to him today.

Dedicated Administrative Law Attorney Serving California

With Jeffrey S. Kravitz, you will get no-surprise representation. This lawyer will help you understand the nature of your legal situation, rights, responsibilities and potential options. He will be able to give you a general understanding of your situation based on his experience of the potential outcomes, and he will be able to provide you with expectations of his fee right from the start. There are no surprises with this representation, except the surprises to the other side that help your case.

To see the administrative license defense process, please review our license defense chart, which details the defense process step-by-step.

There is virtually no type of business that this law firm has not defended. Our work includes protecting the rights of:

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If you are facing an administrative license review, revocation or job probation or job loss stemming from a complaint to the administrative review board or a criminal conviction, talk to a California business license revocation defense attorney who is well-versed in overcoming tough odds for his clients. E-mail or call 888-568-5869 to arrange a consultation with Jeffrey S. Kravitz.