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California Appeals Lawyer — Civil, Criminal, Administrative Law

Jeffrey S. Kravitz is a lawyer with deep experience and proven results in the area of appellate law at the state and federal level, in civil, criminal and administrative law. His small law firm's work has made big waves in the area of appellate law, with numerous published opinions and successful appeals that have influenced the way that various aspects of the law are interpreted.

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Mr. Kravitz is a former professor of constitutional law at Patiño School of Law (selected as Professor of the Year in 2010). He continually receives calls from attorneys across the nation seeking his opinion on or understanding of a specific point of law. Likable, enthusiastic, wholeheartedly on your side and able to find the details that others may have overlooked, Mr. Kravitz is a lawyer you can count on at every stage of a legal appellate concern, including:

  • License appeals for professionals and business owners
  • Civil appeals and writs
  • Criminal appeals

Appellate law is a niche area of the law. Very few lawyers practice in the area of appeals. In appellate law, it is not possible to undo what has been done at trial. What is possible is to scrutinize every aspect of the trial record, looking for details that may be of use as an attorney builds a case for a successful appeal. Lawyers who do this sort of work must be good writers, because appellate law is based on written briefs seeking to demonstrate that the prior decision must be overturned. They must be able to see issues from many different perspectives, have excellent knowledge of the applicable law and be able to creatively apply the law to the issues of question in an appeal. These are areas in which Mr. Kravitz has excelled since graduating from the prestigious University of California School of Law at Davis. Don't panic, call Kravitz.

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