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Criminal law cases have beginnings, middles and ends. A person is arrested, they go to court and the issue is resolved. There is no further reason to interact with the criminal justice system once the case is resolved.

This is not the case with administrative licensing boards. Once you have earned your license with a professional licensing or administrative board, you will be under the auspices and supervision of the board for the rest of your professional career. Licensing boards have the power to destroy even the most sterling of careers. If you are under the investigation of a Sacramento administrative licensing board or you are dealing with a disciplinary hearing or potential loss of your license, this law firm has the experience and the know-how to assert your rights immediately.

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Attorney Jeffrey S. Kravitz has the professionalism, discretion and the skill it takes to develop a strong, persuasive case for your defense. In his appellate practice, his criminal defense and his trial work, he has helped clients facing seriously challenging legal situations get the results they needed.

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