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Sacramento lawyer Jeffrey S. Kravitz has a history of taking on difficult cases and turning legal issues around to favor his own clients. He thinks outside the box, and that is a definite benefit that he brings to each individual legal matter that he handles.

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Early on in his career, Mr. Kravitz made his mark on the Sacramento legal community by handling several high profile civil liberties cases and winning results. His appellate work, including five published decisions, has influenced the way trademark law is viewed in the legal community. In addition to these practice areas, his core areas of practice include protecting of the rights of licensed professionals, including medical professionals such as nurses and doctors and health technicians, business professionals such as contractors, small licensed business owners, bar and nightclub owners and owners of auto mechanic shops that perform smog inspections.

This is one lawyer who knows how to outthink and outwork opponents, through ingenuity, insight, attentiveness to details and thorough knowledge of the law.

Guidance at Every Stage of Your Legal Matter

Should you retain Mr. Kravitz, he will help you understand the nature of the issues you are facing and present you with a list of options. He will be prepared to help you come to terms with potential strategies for defending your livelihood and your license. He will never give up and will find a way to defend you even when the odds are highly stacked against you.

Mr. Kravitz was a founding member of the Sacramento chapter of the ACLU, is a former professor of constitutional law, was named Professor of the Year in 2010, has authored numerous articles on the law and hosted a call-in radio show called Panic Attack — Sacramento's Law Talk, for many years. With his extensive media contacts, he has the capacity to manage the press when you are dealing with highly sensitive legal matters.

Whether an administrative investigation has been triggered as a result of a DUI conviction, you are dealing with a legal matter that crosses into civil, criminal and administrative law or you are seeking to appeal a wrongful decision, Jeffrey S. Kravitz can help.

Protect Your Rights: Professional Licensing Protection

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