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California Medical License Defense Lawyer

California Medical Boards Defense Lawyer

When they are under investigation for a violation of their licensure, many doctors, licensed registered nurses and other medical professionals believe that they can simply explain their actions to the licensure board and that everything will be okay. In fact, the exact opposite is true. The more you say, the more likely that things will end badly for you.

When losing is not an option
Call 888-568-5869 or e-mail us. Sacramento Nursing License Defense Attorney for professional representation.

Sacramento nurse's license defense lawyer Jeffrey S. Kravitz recently represented a nurse convicted of DUI who wanted to send a long letter of explanation to the board about her circumstances. Our attorney's opinion of her strategy? "While I cannot guarantee that I can protect your license, I can guarantee that if you take that course of action you will fail."

His was a different strategy, one that saved her license despite serious odds against her, and it was based on years of successful defense of professionals accused of everything from inappropriate conduct or adherence to professional standards, to drug or alcohol use and sexual abuse to medical malpractice and fraud. You may count on this law firm to begin immediate investigation into your situation and provide you with vigorous, skilled defense.

We Know How Hard This Can Be. We Focus on Quick Resolution in Your Favor.

It can be very difficult for a nurse, doctor or other medical professional to ask other medical professionals to testify as to their character and their abilities. At this law firm, we understand. We understand how humiliating and overwhelming the process can be. At the same time, our goal is to use our knowledge of administrative law and our ability to apply the law to your unique situation in such a way as to protect your rights and minimize consequences of a licensure action against you.

Don't Chance Your License. Call 888-568-5869 for Help Now.

If you are facing license suspension, revocation, job probation or job loss stemming from a complaint to the administrative review board, a criminal conviction or other nursing misconduct issues, talk to a Sacramento nursing license defense attorney who is well versed in overcoming tough odds for his nurse clients. E-mail or call 888-568-5869 to arrange a consultation with Jeffrey S. Kravitz.

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